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Losing The Day

Sometimes you’ll just have to accept that things are off kilter and sacrifice the day. This doesn’t mean giving up entirely, but instead, honoring where the day is taking you and leaning into it.

Misery Loves Company - Depression

I’m in a codependent relationship with my depression. My depression is an abusive significant other that revels in my failures. Who whispers in my ear every morning that I won’t amount to anything. Who begs me to stay in bed rather than start my day and laughs at me while I writhe in frustration and self loathing. 

Humans of the Pet Professions Part 1 - People

Over the past few months I have collaborated with a number of respected pet professionals as well as a few individuals who's humanity is to be admired. These individuals have learned how to take the good with the bad and create systems that nurture not just their businesses or causes but also their lives. 
Today I am featuring Brian Burton. He is Co-Founder of Instinct Dog Behavior & Training LLC, which is the largest dog training company in NYC.

Living The Reactive Life Killed My Muse

We live in a reactive world. Instead of controlling our lives we leap from notification to notification. We stop for alerts and redirect our attention in their direction. We call ourselves multitaskers when really we are just giving less and less of our attention to a million voices until we are left going through the motions with no thoughts or creativity left to address the demands.

When Gouging Your Eyes Out Feels Like An Acceptable Option - Dealing with People You Don't Agree With.

Like bumping into an old significant other you grew apart from long ago, you feel queasy, distracted, and avoidant. You out grew it for a reason. You know better now than you did then about some aspect of the relationship. You’ve moved on and you don’t want to go back. So what do you do when you’re faced with your past, or worst, have to commingle for an extended period?

5 Ways What You Eat Deeply Affects Your Level of Self Care

I'm not a dieter. I hate trendy food cults. But it is true that you are what you eat. Food effects us deeply and it's effects are not just instantaneous. What we put in our bodies has ramifications for days, weeks, and even months. While food is out of your system in about a day, what it does to your mental and physical health can send you spiraling out of a self care routine and into a very damaging place.