New Guinea Singing DOgs

I am studying the relationship of New Guinea Singing Dogs as companion animals. New Guinea Singing Dogs are special because they live in Papua New Guinea as wild dogs and village dogs, in Europe and North America in zoos, and in North America as companion animals. Previous studies have only documented the lives of New Guinea Singing Dogs in the wild and in zoos with some sparse information about village dogs. At the time of this research there are no published papers on New Guinea Singing Dogs as companion animals.

Thesis title: “Owner-reported attachment and behavior characteristics of New Guinea singing dogs living as companion animals “

Accepted for poster presentation at the July 2019 International Society for Anthrozoology.

I am also involved in research through the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation.


Dog Sports

Tens of thousands of dog sports competition take place every year around the world. While a handful of papers have been published on the subject describing the interests and lifestyles of competitors, there are still many topics worth exploring including competition sports rituals, and power across different sports.

Conference Presentation:

Sumridge, Molly. (March 2019). Rituals in dog sports - a multi-species ethnography. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Ethnological Society, St. Louis, Missouri.