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Molly Sumridge

Anthrozoologist ~ Animal Behavior Consultant ~ entrepreneur


Hi, I’m Molly Sumridge.

Welcome to my personal website. Well, I suppose it’s kind of personal/professional since the two are pretty blurred. In just a few weeks I will complete a Master’s in Science in Anthrozoology. My current research focuses on primitive dogs. While I’m very passionate about my research I am also deeply involved in the pet industry, as both an entrepreneur and as a service provider.

It’s a joke among my friends and colleagues that I do a lot. Possibly teetering on too much. But believe it or not, I actually get this all done (and more shhh! I HAVE HOBBIES) thanks to a healthy work-life balance. Since you may know my name from the dozen or so different titles or fields you might not know my other work. Therefore I have organized it below. If you want a more personal snapshot or my CV, you can find that in the About Me section. You can also find more specific tidbits in the navigation tab at the top. If you have any questions or wish to reach out to me, you can do so from the Contact Me page, or simply email my at

I look forward to chatting with you!