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Stacking the Deck - Setting up your day the night before

The biggest benefit to setting up the night before, is that you get to spend the first 2-3 hours of the morning being present. You will not be scanning your brain for what to do next, torturing yourself with deadlines and situations that are out of your control. Instead, the longer you can keep your mind on the present, the more focused your work will be and less stress you will feel, and you will actually get more done. As an added perk, you will be happier.

Living The Reactive Life Killed My Muse

We live in a reactive world. Instead of controlling our lives we leap from notification to notification. We stop for alerts and redirect our attention in their direction. We call ourselves multitaskers when really we are just giving less and less of our attention to a million voices until we are left going through the motions with no thoughts or creativity left to address the demands.

An Introduction to Bullet Journaling

I'm a recovering planner junkie. I've tried, investigated and invested in probably about 50 different systems including printables, bound planners, and web/phone apps. I only clicked with a handful of them. After all those attempts I was finally prepared to break the mold and create a system that worked for my needs along with the needs of other pet professionals. The problem with that being that needs changes, priorities vary, and we all range in creativity and simplicity. The project froze for about 8 months, till I fell upon the Bullet Journal system.