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To Reconnect You Must Disconnect

Every claim I make here is backed by data. Every month a new study is released on how much social media makes us unhappy and sick. (7)  And yet we don’t want to hear it. We don’t want to believe it. So many of the people I watch suffer are of the most scientifically minded people I know. The data is there. But you don’t want to see it.

Personal Space

Regardless of how out going or busy you are, we all need some personal space. I don't just mean a bubble around you that you'd prefer people didn't penetrate. I mean a location away from life's demands where you can breathe, regroup, and recuperate.

Stacking the Deck - Setting up your day the night before

The biggest benefit to setting up the night before, is that you get to spend the first 2-3 hours of the morning being present. You will not be scanning your brain for what to do next, torturing yourself with deadlines and situations that are out of your control. Instead, the longer you can keep your mind on the present, the more focused your work will be and less stress you will feel, and you will actually get more done. As an added perk, you will be happier.

Living The Reactive Life Killed My Muse

We live in a reactive world. Instead of controlling our lives we leap from notification to notification. We stop for alerts and redirect our attention in their direction. We call ourselves multitaskers when really we are just giving less and less of our attention to a million voices until we are left going through the motions with no thoughts or creativity left to address the demands.

If You Work With Animals, You're Probably Experiencing Compassion Fatigue

Few other people experience careers like we do. Our hearts ache with every heartbreaking case. We give everything to our jobs, from our free time, to our last drop of compassion and empathy. And then we are asked to give more. Similar to doctors, EMS, therapists, and disaster relief works, we are asked to do the impossible, usually with lives on the line, and we are expected to always be at our best. We also suffer the same side effects of doctors, EMS, therapists and relief workers, and it's killing us.