I apologize if this page isn't as engaging as the others. I find it a little counter-intuitive to write excitedly about... talking. Talking... should speak for itself.

I'm a passionate speaker and I do talks on a range of topics. My primary speaking topics are below but I can build a program to fit your needs as well:

  • The Personal in Professionalism - Bringing Self Care Back to Pet Professionalism
  • Don't Just Bark - Speak! - Marketing for the Pet Professional
  • Make Your Pawprint Stand Out! - Branding and Program Development for Pet Professionals

I am available to give these topics as 1-2 day in-person seminars or as a consolidated webinar. 2016 is already spoken for but I am taking bookings for 2017. For further information on booking a seminar or webinar you can contact me here.