I hated writing. Really I did. Probably because I grew up also hating reading, I was mildly dyslexic, and some aspect of ADD. My mother was the writer in the family. She even has her MFA in writing. But you don't always get to pick your muse. About 8 years ago I took a writing course while I was exploring a Masters in Social Work. I didn't complete that Masters - not enough work with animals - but I did complete the writing course and something about that class never left me. For the first time I felt like writing had a purpose and I never stopped. 

Today I blog here and for my dog training company, as well as for Barkpost and other blogging outlets. I also have about 5 books in the works... because I have trouble staying on topic for long. Which is why blogging works so well for me. But even with blogging, it is a heck of a struggle to only be able to get one or two thoughts out and shelve the others. Once you give your muse a voice, it doesn't do well being asked to hush.

Another outlet that keeps my muse at bay is copywriting. There is something fun about creating a buzz and getting people excited. I also find satisfaction in helping talented professionals build their audience and at the same time helping get important information out to the public. 

It's a little bit like dressing for a party. You're constantly thinking about how your presence and the message you're trying to project about yourself, will be received. It's the same with writing. My blog, copy or book is going to be viewed by the masses. I want them to connect with me. Hang out and have a chat. Get to know me. If I'm dressed for success or at least I'm intriguing, you'll likely come and inquire deeper. If I flop, well then I will just be another person in the background, forgotten by tomorrow. 

So I do what I can to satisfy my muse and at the same time present my ideas and the ideas of those I represent with the dignity, grace, and respect they deserve.  I hope you've enjoyed this little chat and if you'd like to know more, or perhaps do a writing project together, feel free to contact me and we'll chat some more. Perhaps my words and your words will click and we'll get to see where it goes. Wouldn't that be exciting!