To Reconnect You Must Disconnect

Every claim I make here is backed by data. Every month a new study is released on how much social media makes us unhappy and sick. (7)  And yet we don’t want to hear it. We don’t want to believe it. So many of the people I watch suffer are of the most scientifically minded people I know. The data is there. But you don’t want to see it.

Misery Loves Company - Depression

I’m in a codependent relationship with my depression. My depression is an abusive significant other that revels in my failures. Who whispers in my ear every morning that I won’t amount to anything. Who begs me to stay in bed rather than start my day and laughs at me while I writhe in frustration and self loathing. 

You're not an island - Networking for Pet Professionals

The truth of the matter is that people love to talk about professionals, services and products that make them happy and their lives easier. When I joined my local health club I ran into clients and connections that introduced me to dozens of potential clients without me even asking. At this point my membership is more than paid for from referrals.