Virtual Assistant Services 


Virtual Assistant services starting at $300 a month.


To ensure my clients get the service experience they are looking for, I only sell packages. 

You're Not Alone:

10 Hours for $300

Great creating a small project or having getting control over your social media or email marketing.*

We're In This Together:

15 Hours for $400

Excellent for a website face lift, maintaining an online community, or getting all the awful paperwork off your plate.*

I've Got Your Back:

20 Hours for $500

Perfect for launching that online course you've always dreamed of, keeping content rolling on your website and social media, or having someone else maintain your emails or callbacks.*

*Job time commitments vary from business to business. 


Email and Phone INQUIRY Response

If you're like most pet business owners, you either hate talking on the phone or you just don't have time to respond. So let me! I'll get back to all your prospective clients and if you prefer, even book your appointments!

Schedule balancing

Have too many things on your plate? Let me help you balance your schedule so you can get to the important things and still find time to get the annoying, overwhelming and nagging things done.

Project Development

Live presentations, webinars, online stores, client forms, podcasts, YouTube channels,  books, product development,  and more! If you have an idea or a new direction for your business, I can help you get it launched!

Online Class Development

Online classes are the fastest and most convenient way to get your information to your client. Whether it is an online pet training class, wellness, care, or even something very niche, I can help you find the right platform, build your curriculum, create your videos, and launch your course.

Your annoying paperwork

<wink> We all have it. Transcribing notes, follow-ups,  writing copy for email responses and so much more. Let me get that off your plate so you can do more important things.

Web Design and MAINTENANCE

Whether you have an existing website or you are looking to start from scratch doing a website right is a lot of work. Together we can give your site a face lift, add new pages you've been meaning to create, start a blog, and so much more.

Social Media Management

The first step to social media success is engaging content. The second step is posting it regularly. But who has time for that? I DO! Presently I manage Facebook pages but soon I will be adding Twitter and Instagram services as well. 

Online Community Moderation and Management

A social media presence is just the beginning. Maintaining a community where they can hang out and communicate builds some of the strongest brand relationships. I've had years of success building my own online community that generates significant income for one of my businesses. Let me help do the same for your business.

Email Marketing

Did you send out this week's email marketing campaign? Or did you forget? Email marketing is still the number one way to reach your customers, especially if you have a physical location or presence in your community. But you can't reach your clients if you're not in their inbox.  I'll get those out for you, on time and on a schedule that works best for your business.