Losing The Day

Some days something big or small wis going to throw us off our game. Half the reason we create routines and schedules is to mitigate this but inevitably something with throw us off. It could be taking a pet to the vet, getting an upsetting message, or even residual stress from a prior event or activity. Finding the cause doesn’t guarantee you can course correct and get back on track. Sometimes you’ll just have to accept that things are off kilter and sacrifice the day. This doesn’t mean giving up entirely, but instead, honoring where the day is taking you and leaning into it.

Start with cataloging your feelings in your head or on paper. Are you restless, foggy, sensitive, distracted, in pain, etc? What emotions and feelings are present? What would those feelings like to do? Is there something you once did that was constructive when you were feeling this way? Sometimes these feelings can create groundbreaking and earth shattering creativity and inspiration. But the key to uncovering that is to gently embrace the feelings. 

Lose yourself in sensory things, but avoid visual stimulation. Visual things like videos, video games, and the news can influence thoughts in less constructive ways and can leave you feeling worse. Visual stimulation like still images or outdoor settings are fine as long as they are not overwhelming. Let music, temperature, light, etc inspire different feelings and thoughts. Be present with your mind as if it were a friend venting to you. Listen to it and the pictures it paints to you. What is it trying to tell you? What is the story that is trying to get out?

Once you have a dialog flowing, find a place to express it. Write, draw, mold, form, create. It can take any form. There are no rules except to let it out and respect it. Don’t immediately judge or weigh any part of it. Accept it as something from deep inside you, even if it isn’t perfect. 

Once you have had a chance to express yourself, check in with your feelings. Are you where you were when you were losing the day? Are you ready to rest, reset, or start again? Is there more to let out? Trying to push these feelings down doesn’t make them go away. Exorcising them however allows us to better understand underlying message and feelings we might be tuning out. We can’t get back on track until we can address our needs, even the almost inaudible ones.