Bullet Journal Update #1

I started with the Bullet Journal System 3 months ago. I bought a Dot Grid Northbooks Notebook while I waited for my "official journal" to arrive. I am an Etsy snob so I ordered something special from there but you can use anything you want! Most people use a Leuchtturm 1917 because of the size and strength of the notebook. When I am done with this book I'll probably use one of those... unless another Etsy Journal catches my eye.

My first journal was kind of a rough draft. I played with setups and spreads to let me figure out what worked for me. Once I had the basics down it was just about May 29th and my Etsy Journal arrived! The timing couldn't have been better. I had a pretty good idea how I wanted it to be used. I found that while I wish I was super artistic, I'm not and trying to be was super frustrating, so instead I found a happy in between where I can be minimalist but still elegant. I doubled down on my handwriting. 

But seriously to each your own. Dress it up however you like. The big thing here is to use it! My Daily Spreads evolve over and over again about every week. Now I think I am pretty close to what works for my - BUT - I'm sure things will evolve by this time next month.

I really like the level for forgiveness and support that comes from such a simple system. I actually sat myself down one day when I was frustrated with how I was recording and getting things done and it gave me the clarity and kindness to change. Very empowering!

I'm working on getting some videos together for all of you to see how I am juggling the content of my Bullet Journal. In the mean time, tell me what you need to record to keep your day straight. Put it in the comments and I'll try to make up some spreads for you that can hopefully satisfy your needs.