You Are In Control Of Your Life

There are so many cliches. 

  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • What should it say on your tombstone?

Sometimes I feel like these conversations are kind of morbid. Like I have some kind of end date. Like I am racing to the finish line and I had better accomplish something before I get there or else I'll suffer some kind of immense regret. Being that I have a good chance of: a) not knowing who I am by the time I am passing away, b) blinking out of existence in some kind of freak accident, or c) dying of a heart attack while thinking or doing something that has nothing to do with my demise; I highly doubt I will be regretting or self analyzing anything.

But, that being said, I do only have this one life (as far as we can prove) so this is what I get between now and then. I do have a lot of choices as to how I spend it. In fact I have all the choices. I am in control of how and when I get out of bed, what I eat and how much of it, where I go and what I do. Even to a degree, how I feel. I have immense control over my world. And what doesn't feel like control I know I can change, or redirect somewhere else. If I have given control away, I can always take it back.

What does that have to do with my life and fulfillment? It's actually quite simple. Do what you want! There is nothing stopping you. There is a roadmap to anything in this world you could want to do. Maybe you can't do it today, but you can someday if you follow the steps and don't give up. What to climb a mountain? Great! There are hundred of books and experts to reach out to. Want a new job? Fantastic! It is actually untrue that you can't get a job in this economy. You simply have to go about it correctly. 

I know that sounds ridiculous to some readers. Life isn't easy. But it is simple. Because life goes on. It never stops. Tomorrow the sun will come around again and again the next day and the next. People will die, people will be born. You will influence people around you and that will affect both your lives and the ripples will move out into oblivion. You are part of the machine. It is your choice if you want to ride along, drive, or fight it. You get to chose.

All the pieces to having a great life you are happy with - yes you get to determine that, not me - are within reach. With the Internet, detailed directions to do anything are accessible and where they are not, experts are within reach. Not all of it is free, but even financial satisfaction is obtainable it you know where to look and are committed to putting in the work.

You get out what you put in. Everyday. When you live with purpose, everything you do makes life how you want it - today. You're not waiting for an outcome tomorrow. A tomorrow that is not guaranteed. If you can't live in the present, you will never meet your future. Write your story but don't start with yesterday or tomorrow. Always write for today. Plot yourself on a map, then worry about the destination. Forward thinking while important, leads to falling on your face if you don't check the ground under your feet.

So let's rethink those cliches with something that will actually affect your life in a positive way: