Dog Behavior Consulting

Kindred Companions LLC

In 2008 I founded Kindred Companions LLC, a dog training company in Frenchtown NJ. When I started it was just me, my dogs, and a vision to help people and their pets. Today we are 10 staff members strong, with a large regional reach and impact. We offer group classes on a variety of topics, as well as in-home coaching and training. What makes us special is our commitment to giving owners real life application to training so that results happen immediately. We believe in empowering both pet and owner, and we do that by making solutions practical and accessible.

I am available for Dog Behavior Consulting and Training a few days a week. I usually have a new client opening every 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile our staff is available most days of the week with earlier openings. You can contact us to request booking information at .

Primitive Dogs

Kindred Companions was inspired by a deep passion for primitive dogs. Dogs like Shiba Inus, Akitas, Ovcharkas, Canaan Dogs, and Carolina Dogs, are independent in nature, have a strong sense of self, and are highly intelligent. They come from a time before dogs were expected to be biddable and listen to their owners. These dogs are the closest we will come to the early domesticated canine ancestors and require a special touch and respect.

After well over 10 years with these dogs, I couldn't see a life without them. They have shaped me as a dog trainer and I hope to bring their lessons to all dog owners. A book is in the works and I periodically blog on the topic. I also have podcasts and webinars devoted to the topic of primitive dog ownership and training. For those interested in speaking engagements you can find more information on my Speaking page.

 Molly with Journey the New Guinea Singing Dog - No Dog is Untrainable! (Copyright - Molly Sumridge)

Molly with Journey the New Guinea Singing Dog - No Dog is Untrainable! (Copyright - Molly Sumridge)